How We're Going to Tackle the Problem

"It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question."

--Eugene Ionesco, Decouvertes

Throughout the Mindstorm, we will be asking various questions in order to direct the conversation and uncover the road to solutions. First and foremost, we believe that by applying concepts from the art of storytelling to education can truly improve the learning experience and alleviate problems that arise when student to teacher ratios are to high. However, we would like to discover which techniques and paradigms are the best suited to improving education. So, our disucssion will be guided by the query:

Which techniques and paradigms from the art of storytelling can we use to improve the learning experience?

In order to explore this complex issue further, we will also consider:

  • What kind of new technologies that we use in storytelling which can we also use in education?
  • What content solutions from the art of storytelling that will improve the learning experience?
  • What kind of networking solutions work in storytelling and how can we apply them to education?
  • What research methods contribute to storytelling and how can they improve learning and teaching?
  • What types of civic solutions are involved in storytelling and how can we apply them to education?
  • In a participatory society, is there still going to be a distinction between teaching and learning or between students and teachers?

Do you have any questions you would like to add? What other questions should we pose?