What's the Task?

Crafting a Wicked Solution for a Wicked Problem

The Wicked Problem: Student to teacher ratios are too high and thus education is not personalized. How can we use storytelling to fix this?

Wicked Problems are often situations that require a great number of people to change their mindsets and behavior. From Global Warming to Poverty to AIDS to the Digital Divide there are many Wicked Problems with which communities struggle. Here in the US, one of our Wicked Problem is undoubtedly the state of our education system. In an age of participation and personalization it seems that education has become disconnected from the society in which it is rooted. There are so many stakeholders, feedback loops and connected problems that the crisis has turned into a Wicked Problem.

The goal of Wicked Solutions for a Wicked Problem is to embrace not only advancements in social technologies but also the possibilities that can come from a community working together. By harnessing the power of the community WS WP hopes to R&D some interesting solutions. In this Mindstorm a group of individuals of varying expertise will come together to collaboratively explore how the insights from transmedia storytelling and participatory culture can be applied to improve education and alleviate the problems of high student to teacher ratios -- specifically the lack of personalization in the education experience. At the end of the day a spec informed by the design process will be used to create a prototype by a group of hackers. The hackers will have 24 hours to successfully build a prototype to be presented live on stage in front of the DIY Days audience.While it will be next impossible to solve the Wicked Problem in such a short period of time, we hope to document the creative problem solving process and the impact of storytelling, social technology and community engagement around a focused issue -- and emerge with at least part of a Wicked Solution.

Over the course of 24 to 48 hours the core team and the DIY DAYS community collaborate in an effort to concept, prototype and present possible “Wicked Solutions to a Wicked Problem.” The “core team” is documented via social media in order to amplify the effort, as well as to leave room for the DIY DAYS community to take part in the ideation process. We will also create a special interactive feedback loop to enable the DIY DAYS community to participate in real time throughout the process.

The goal of the “core team” is to derive a spec that can be passed to a team of hackers. The goal will be to turn the concept into a working prototype within 24 hours. The team of hackers will work to build a prototype which can be presented on stage in front of an audience at the close of DIY DAYS LA.